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Consumer Protection


Newsletter / Labeling requirements for imported foodstuff

Please be informed that the Consumer Protection Research Directorate of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC), in fulfillment of its duties of inspection, surveillance and control, is carrying out an intensive program to verify the compliance with the rules of labeling of imported foodstuff in order to monitor the adequacy and sufficiency of the information given to consumers.

As indicated on the Consumer Law (Law 1480, 2011) consumers are entitled to receive a minimum of information related to the products that are on the market and it is manufacturers and suppliers duty to provide in Spanish, accurate and sufficient information about the products they offer.

If a violation of the Consumer Statute is found, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce may impose, for each violation, economic sanctions up to TWO THOUSAND TIMES (2,000) THE CURRENT STATUTORY MONTHLY MINIMUM WAGE, temporary closure of the establishment, destruction of products, among others.

It is worth notice that the regulation and supervision on the labeling of imported foodstuffs are also carried out by our Health Authority named as INVIMA.



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